The OSCAR “COVID Community Monitoring Record” eForm has been developed by the McMaster Department of Family Medicine.  Its purpose is to better support primary care in comprehensive monitoring of patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 and as a monitoring template for patients discharged after in-hospital management of COVID. The eForm has links to best practice information for assessing, risk stratifying and managing COVID-related illness from McMaster Family Medicine, freely available on the Hamilton Family Medicine (HFAM) web-site, as well as patient information on management and use of pulse oximeters.

In addition to the eForm itself, included are two key features that enhance workflow:

  1. option to send automated ticklers to prompt certain follow-up tasks based on what is selected or entered on the eForm, and
  2. a Report by Template designed to capture the active caseload being monitored at any one time using the eForm. 

How to Access these Tools:

  1. The COVID Community Ward Monitoring Record is available here (updated for Omicron)
  2. The Report by Template is available here. For optimal performance, it is recommended that you add an index to the database (instructions provided with RBT at link above).

Here is an example of a completed COVID-19 Ward Monitoring Sheet.

Here also is an example of a monitoring template you could use all or parts of to track all your clinic patients.  Download or save a copy of this template.

We welcome your feedback on this form, and to know if it has been helpful – please email