Comprehensive Cardiology Care (HHS)/Rapid Access Cardiology Clinics (SJH)  

Comprehensive Cardiology Care and Rapid Access Cardiology Clinics available at both HHS sites as well as SJH (Charlton Location). These are equipped to see both urgent and elective patients quickly via Virtual Cardiology Consultation. Those patients that need to be brought in for further assessment or testing will be brought in in a timely fashion to the most appropriate site.  

We have taken great efforts to ensure physical distancing in our waiting rooms as well as regular deep cleansing to ensure patients who need to come in are kept safe and healthy.  


Comprehensive Cardiology Care Clinic (HHS) – Fax: 905-577-8037

Rapid Access Cardiology Clinic (SJH) – Fax: 905-521-6086 

Physician to Physician Phone Consultation – Cardiologist of the Day (HHS and SJH) 

As well as the inpatient cardiologists available at each site 7 days a week, an outpatient cardiologist (Cardiologist of the Day) is available Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. for phone questions and consultations.  

HHS Cardiologist of the Day – 905-577-1414 

SJH Cardiologist of the Day – 905-521-6082   

Cardiology are happy to facilitate all types of questions and concerns. Please feel free to use both of these services liberally. The goal is to facilitate quick, efficient patient care in a manner that is most convenient for patients and referring physicians alike.  

Also call at the above numbers if any questions or concerns arise.