Effective April 19, 2021 the HHS Urgent Care Centre at 690 Main West is closed for 6-8 weeks. Patients who have an ultrasound booked at this location will be contacted directly by the clinic. (COVID testing at this location is continuing).

If patients have not heard and want to inquire about ultrasound appointment they can call 905-577-1484 and follow the prompts for ultrasound. Patients who had xray reqs faxed to this location can go to MUMC for their X-Ray

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Lab Updates

Patients can book appointments to reduce their contact time.

The only labs available during COVID as of April 13, 2021 are listed below, with their dates times and appointment types (whether they are booked appointment only or take walk-in urgents), and whether they offer ECG and Holter:

Life Labs

1-877-849-3637, www.lifelabs.ca

URGENT blood work

Highlighted in yellow are the Hamilton/Ancaster Locations that will trial an initiative to provide timely access to urgent blood work. The labs are struggling with capacity because of COVID restrictions so it is essential that we do as much as possible to defer non urgent blood work, and to avoid using this process for anything that is not strictly urgent.

  • Appointment Centers state Appointment Required on the website, but they will still take walk in patients providing it does not exceed their capacity limits, the locations have been instructed to process urgent tests, seniors that arrive with the Para transit and time sensitive tests, in addition appointments are blocked for 30 min at opening and closing to allow for walk in patients
  • Walk in locations have minimal appointments available to allow for the majority to remain as walk ins
  • Lifelabs have provided the direct fax number for the Hamilton/Ancaster locations only as this is where the access has been the main concern, these locations also fall under one Supervisor that we can monitor the success of providing the direct number for faxing for urgent appointments. The ordering physician / clinic should indicate in CAPITALS that this is an urgent request, fax to the location and advise that patient will be attending and that the service is required urgently OR alternatively, email req to patient and INCLUDE THIS URGENT INFO ON THE REQUISITION
  • Please note the hours of operation should be double checked on the web site when sending a patient to a specific location for urgent tests, with changing Covid-19 situations we have had to adapt our hours as required
City Address Other services at location   Phone Fax Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
Hamilton 25 Charlton Ave. E   Appointment Required 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00 7:30-4:00 Closed Closed
Urgent Walk Ins Urgent Fax 905-528-7060
Hamilton 280 Queenston Rd   Holter Walk In Location Minimal Appts available 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-11:00 Closed
Urgent Walk Ins Urgent Fax 905-547-8643
Hamilton  989 Fennel Ave. E ECG Walk In Location Minimal Appts available 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 Closed Closed
Urgent Walk Ins Urgent Fax 905-318-0923
Burlington 1960 Appleby Line # 27 Holter Walk In Location Minimal Appts available 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 Closed Closed
Burlington 3155 Harvester Rd, Suite 102 (Wheelchair Accessible) ECG Walk In Location Minimal Appts available 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 7:30-4:30 7:30-4:30 7:30-4:30 7:30-4:30 7:30-4:30 8:00-12:00 Closed
Dundas 60 Hatt St. W, Suite 204 ( Wheelchair Accessible) ECG,Holter Appointment Required 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 8:00-4:00 Closed Closed
Ancaster 54 Wilson St. W (Wheelchair Accessible) ECG Appointment Required 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 7:00-5:00 Closed Closed
Urgent Walk Ins Urgent Fax 905-648-2984
Stoney Creek 15 Mountain Ave. S, Suite 111 Appointment Required ECG, Holter 1-877-849-3637 905-795-9891 7:00-3:00 7:00-3:00 7:00-3:00 7:00-3:00 7:00-3:00 8:00-12:00 Closed



CityAddressOther services at locationPhoneFaxMonTueWedThuFriSatSun
Hamilton849 Upper Wentworth St. #100ECG, Holter905-389-3122905-389-44068:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-12:00Closed
Hamilton631 Queenston Rd.# 102ECG905-573-3355905-573-95468:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-1:008:00-4:008:00-1:00ClosedClosed
Burlington2951 Walkers LineECG905-592-2276905-336-96548:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-12:00closed

X-Ray and USS Updates:

The availability of X-Ray and USS in Hamilton during COVID as of April 13 2021 are listed below:

City NameServiceLocationMonTuesWedThurFriSatSunContactNotes
HamiltonWentworth X/R & Ultrasound  X/R, U/S and GI1 Young St. Hamilton,  L8N 1T88:30-4:308:30-4:30Closed8:30-4:308:30-4:30ClosedClosed905-522-2344 
Call 905-635-7700 to book app. at any open locations  
HamiltonCharlton X-ray & Ultrasound  25 Charlton Ave. E, Hamilton, L8N1Y29:00-4:009:00-4:009:00-4:009:00-4:009:00-4:00ClosedClosed905-528-1465
No app. Or walk ins after 3:30
HamiltonHamilton X/R & UltrasoundX/R, U/S, GI and Bone Density 700 Main St. East, Hamilton, L8M1K79:00-4:009:00-4:00Closed9:00-4:009:00-12:00   ( wallk in X/R only)ClosedClosed905-549-5611                        www. hamiltonxray.ca 
HamiltonHamilton Diagnostic Services200 James St. S, Suite 305 Hamilton, L8P3A98:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:00ClosedClosed905-522-2220
No X/Ray or walk ins during Covid
HamiltonGNMI Queenston Diagnostic ImagingX/R, U/S, GI 631 Queenston Rd., Suite 105, Hamilton, L8K6R5Closed9:00-5:009:00-5:009:00-5:009:00-5:00ClosedClosed905-560-8434
Open for urgent appointments Only
Stoney CreekWentworth X/R & UltrasoundX/R, U/S, GI, Bone Density and Mammogram15 Mountain Ave. S, Stoney Creek, L8G 2V6          8:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:30ClosedClosed905-662-4953Call 905-635-7700 to book app. at any open locations  
Hamilton- Mountain           
HamiltonLimeworth X/R & U/SBone Density and Mammogram849 Upper Wentworth, Hamilton, L9A 5H48:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-4:008:00-2:00Closed905-574-7755 
Walk in Xray service available
HamiltonGNMI Medical Imaging260 Nebo Rd.10:00-4:0010:00-4:0010:00-4:0010:00-4:0010:00-4:00ClosedClosed905-318-4082 www.gnmi.caWalk in xray service available
DundasDundas X/R & U/S201-60 Hatt St., Dundas, L9H 7T68:30-4:008:30-4:008:30-4:008:30-4:008:30-4:00ClosedClosed905-627-4625Walk ins service is available for X/R . 
BurlingtonWentworth X/R & UltrasoundX/R,U/S Bone Density and Mammogram2951 Walkers Line, Burlington8:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:30ClosedClosed905-336-2202 www.whxray.comCall 905-635-7700 to book app. at any open locations  
BurlingtonWentworth X/R & UltrasoundX/R, U/S , GI, Bone Density and Mammogram760 Brant Street, Burlington8:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:308:30-4:30ClosedClosed905-637-7606 www.whxray.comCall 905-635-7700 to book app. at any open locations  

Holter Monitors

During this pandemic time, M-health can send a device to the patient’s home for both 72 hours or 2 week monitors.

The referral can be filled out and submitted through their online patient referral. The company will send a confirmation to the ordering provider and the patient will get the kit at home with instructions on attaching and returning the device.