From the Hamilton Directory of Community Services, COVID-19 Update, prepared by Canadian Mental Health Association, Hamilton

Last Updated April 16, 2020

Addictions: Service availability

Alcohol, Drug and Gambling Services**

Offers information to individuals, family members, and friends about where to find help. ADGS has stopped all groups and in-person work. We are offering phone counselling and accepting new referrals/self-referrals into phone counselling. Individuals can call 905 546-3606, Option 3 for substance use and Option 4 for gambling, and speak with our intake staff Belinda for further information or to complete registration with our program. We also continue to provide consultation to families and friends and professionals.

Alternatives for Youth (ages 13-22)

Alternatives for Youth (AY) provides substance use counselling services for children and youth ages 12 – 22 years, and those who care about them. Alternatives for Youth is adjusting our service delivery model. We are continuing to provide services however, we are temporarily moving away from face-to-face appointments, shifting our service delivery model to one of offering telephone appointments and support. We are offering all intake, screening and modified assessment services by telephone and are providing counselling services to our current/active clients in the same manner. Please call 905-527-4469 for services.

Concurrent Disorders Program(SJHH)**
905-522-1155, ext. 39207

The concurrent disorders (CD) program operates through St. Joseph’s Healthcare and is among the first major mental health programs to provide a competent approach to care for individuals that are experiencing mental health and addiction issues. The concurrent disorders program is a 20-bed inpatient treatment setting for individuals that are experiencing both mental health and addiction issues. Currently there are no groups or drop-ins being scheduled but they are providing support over the phone or through OTN visits.

Drug and Alcohol Helpline

The Drug and Alcohol Helpline is a 1-800 telephone line and website that provides health professionals with a range of suitable treatment options tailored to their individual clients. The Drug and Alcohol Helpline also links members of the general public with local assessment and referral, withdrawal management, and other treatment resources for themselves or someone they know. In addition to this, they also offer support and strategies to assist individuals with their goals. Phone call, email, and chat available 24/7.

Hamilton Regional Indian Centre
(905) 548-9593

Aboriginal programming provides cultural access to a variety of services made available to those with Aboriginal backgrounds. Services. The Centre is currently not open to the public. They are still providing support over the phone. They are still taking referrals for their programs which include:

  • Aboriginal Alcohol and Drug Program
  • Aboriginal Health and Wellness
  • Cultural Resource Coordination
  • Language Program
  • Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living

Men’s Addiction Service Hamilton

The MASH program provides a safe and welcoming environment to assist men (16+), who are in crisis with substance use. The withdrawal management program has had to operationalize in-house services differently due to space. However, there is a not a significant change to services being offered. In addition, they are still able to provide 24 hour a day phone support for past, present or future clients and service providers. Self-help groups and programming for non-admitted clients are not operating at this time.

Womankind Addiction Service
905-545-9100 – No changes at this time

Offers a safe, caring and supportive place where women are welcomed and assisted by our specially trained team to assess and define next steps regarding their substance use and recovery. Telephone Support and/or Crisis Support provides crisis and telephone support to women and their families, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Withdrawal management provides a safe and supportive environment for women to withdraw from substance use and/or in a preventative way a place for women to come if they are at risk of relapsing. Women can attend a variety of supportive, recreational, and peer-lead groups during their stay. Next step planning is part of the treatment process and done with women individually to meet their specific needs.

Supportive Housing assists women who have completed a treatment program to secure a safe, suitable, and partially subsidized home. Referrals can be made from friends/family members, services providers, or self.

Wayside House (men)

Wayside House is a long-term residential addiction treatment program for men. While adhering to best practices, they support the client from first contact through their multi-phase program, discharge, and aftercare. Currently Wayside is still accepting referrals and is providing support to all current and past clients.  The program is still operating providing support to 37 units, while adapting programming to increased phone support as well as increased access to virtual supports for those receiving care. The Hep-C team is providing support through the Shelter Health Network as well as phone and virtual support for existing clients.

Suntrac Wellness and Addiction Treatment Program

Suntrac offers an all- inclusive outpatient Addiction Treatment Program for males aged 19+. Currently programming i is being offered to clients over the phone for those who are open to this format, including those who have completed a program and attend Aftercare.  For those who prefer to wait for groups to start up again, names will be taken and check in via phone will be done on a regular basis.

Drop in groups are suspended – this includes Taking Steps for Men and Partners in Recovery.  Phone support is available for those who request it.

New Choices (expectant moms or moms with children 6 and under) 
905-522-5556  – if you require support please contact Womankind

New Choices offers a one-stop setting for pregnant and parenting women, with substance use concerns, and their children ages 0-6. Services for women include assessment, treatment and referral and both individual and group counselling concerning substance use. Outreach services are also provided to mothers and children. Services for women also include prenatal and postnatal education, and general wellness. Parenting education and support is provided both individually and in group format as well as through interactive play between mother and child. Services for children include individualized therapeutic play programs that promote physical, social, and emotional development, developmental screening and assessment, and speech and language services. Children have access to early identification, assessment and intervention services. By locating a team of staff from a range of services at one site, a woman can receive assessment of her own needs and those of her children, and support in her parenting efforts. Bus tickets and food vouchers are available.

Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline

The Ontario Problem Gambling Helpline provides information about problem gambling services in Ontario. Additional services include support/strategies to meet the individual’s needs, as well as setting up a first appointment with a treatment provider.  Funded by the Government of Ontario. Service is live answer 24/7, confidential, and free.

Rapid Access Addiction Medicine Clinic (RAAM) (SJHH)
905-522-1155 ext. 35800

The Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinic serves those with substance use issues, with a primary focus on opioids and alcohol. The purpose of the clinic is to provide quick access to care for addiction issues, including assessments, counselling (for any substance use concern) and prescriptions for medications that may help with lessening cravings for alcohol and opiates. The clinic is still operating 8am-4pm, Monday to Friday. Referrals are accepted from all sources via fax or telephone. Self-referrals are strongly encouraged. Physicians and counselling staff are providing telephone and virtual appointments at this time. Currently, the Wednesday walk-in clinic is on hold.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army gives hope and support to vulnerable people today and every day in 400 communities across Canada and in more than 125 countries around the world. The Salvation Army office is currently closed but staff are working remotely. If you require family assistance or food bank please call 905-540-1888 or if you require support you can call the 24 hour men’s support line at 905-527-1444 ext. 0

Mental Health (Adult)

De Dwa Da Dehs Nye>S / Aboriginal Health Centre**

Provides a number of programs and services. Currently are still seeing urgent need clients. Are providing mental health support over the phone. Sending out other resources upon request on an as needed basis. If you need support, please call 905-544-4320 ext. 399. Also are doing regular wellness checks and phone calls and are updating information on their Facebook site.

Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic (SJHH)
905-522-1155 ext. 35372

The Anxiety Treatment and Research Clinic’s (ATRC) mission is to provide excellence and leadership in evidence based clinical service, education and research for anxiety disorders. A team of experts offer comprehensive evaluations and proven treatments for anxiety-related conditions. Treatments at the ATRC include both medications and effective psychological treatments. Interdisciplinary staff are available to consult with your family doctor, psychiatrist and other professionals who are involved in your care.

A physician referral is required to access care at the ATRC. Please note that all groups and group appointments have been cancelled. If you received a notice regarding cancellation of an appointment rescheduling will happen when the pandemic is over

Bridge to Recovery Program (SJHH)

The Bridge to Recovery program provides time limited care for people over the age of 17 with current self-harm or suicidal behaviour or acute emotion dysregulation; no specific diagnoses are required for entry into the program. All referrals receive an assessment to determine fit with the program and treatment goals of the client. Bridge to Recovery is still offering assessments preferably over the telephone phone/virtual interactions however the clinic is still supporting face to face support when deemed clinically needed.  The Bridge program offers a combination of weekly individual therapy sessions and twice-weekly group therapy sessions, where clients learn Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT) skills. Additional-evidence based groups and programming may also be offered (see below) based on client needs. The goal of the program is to assist clients to transition back into the community. In some cases, clients will be referred to other specialized outpatient treatment and services. At this time, groups are “paused”; individual therapy is ongoing. External referrals are made through CONNECT. Following are the support service group streams offered through the Bridge program:

  • Peer Support Groups
  • Wellness Recovery Action Planning
  • Therapeutic Recreation Groups

Barrett Centre **

Our goal is to provide a safe place in the community where individuals can receive help in resolving a personal crisis. At the Barrett Centre, we strive to enhance the quality of life for all those who seek our assistance and support.

The Centre is still currently taking intakes although their bed numbers are down as to increase social distancing. Screening for Covid-19 is being done over the phone and in-person for those staying at the Centre. Still providing 24-hour phone support. PLEASE USE THE 1-844-777-3571 number do to phone congestion issues. Kitchen is only open during meal time hours. Also are asking that those staying at Barrett limit their access to the community.

Borderline Personality Disorder Services (SJHH) 

Clients must have a diagnosis of Borderline Personality Disorder. An initial assessment will determine a client’s treatment pathway within the Borderline Personality Disorder Services. Clients screened into the program receive DBT-based programming. This evidence-based treatment is offered in various intensities, with group therapy being the primary delivery method. Currently BPDS is “paused” however clinicians are currently supporting all patients within the program through phone contact, virtual platforms and face to face when deemed clinical needed. External referrals are made through CONNECT.

Catholic Family Services

Catholic Family Services of Hamilton (CFS) is a nonprofit, multi-service agency offering services to anyone in need regardless of faith, race, ethnicity, economic status, sexual orientation, gender, age, physical and/or intellectual ability.   

Currently providing phone and/or video support and clients can book a walk-in appointment as well.

Cleghorn Early Intervention Clinic (SJHH)
905-522-1155 Ext. 36586

The Cleghorn Early Intervention Clinic works with people who are experiencing symptoms of psychosis for the first time. The Cleghorn Early Intervention Clinic offers: A time-limited (2-3 yrs) service that focuses on early psychosis intervention (EPI). Staff at the Cleghorn Program are currently working remotely but every client is being supported by phone and video support.

CMHA Hamilton **

Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) Hamilton is continuing to support clients remotely. Our general information line is still open for support and/or questions. The CMHA Primary Health Care Clinic is supporting clients through phone and video/OTN. In response to COVID-19, CMHA Hamilton is offering free short-term phone and virtual supportive counselling to health and social services staff working on the frontlines of COVID-19. Starting Monday April 6th, 2020, front-line workers can call (905) 521-0090 to self-refer.


The Crisis Outreach and Support Team (COAST) is a program of St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton in partnership with Hamilton Police Service. COAST is a free crisis line available to all residence of the City of Hamilton. COAST is a multidisciplinary team consisting of nurses, occupational therapists, social workers and specially training police officers. Currently the team is not providing non urgent, non-uniform outreach visit. However, the program is operating an extra crisis line available to help support an increased community need. If an individual requires in home support, this will be done through the Mobile Crisis Rapid Reponse Team (MCRRT). MCRRT is a division of COAST designed to respond to urgent mental health related calls via 911 dispatch.

Dementia Friendly Communities

If you are a Person living with dementia or a Care Partner/Caregiver we want to hear your experiences, challenges and ideas on making the Hamilton and Haldimand communities Dementia Friendly

General Psychiatry (SJHH)

Clients with severe mental illness including bipolar disorders, depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disorder, and concurrent disorders who can benefit from time limited goal focused treatment which may include therapeutic groups (i.e., Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Mindfulness, Behavioural Activation, Emotion Regulation Skills, etc), individual sessions, and psychopharmacology. The General Team is still providing individual treatment services; preferable preferably over the telephone, however the clinic is still supporting face to face support when deemed clinically needed. Therapy groups are currently on “pause.” External referrals are made through CONNECT.

Good Shepherd ** 

Good Shepherd is this community’s leading provider of human services to vulnerable men, women and children. Please Note the Following: SAM (Adult Day Therapy Program): All programs are suspended until further notice.

  • Emmanuel House Hospice: Closed to visitors except loved ones
  • Daily Hot Meal: Packed meals will be handed out at the Good Shepherd Centre on Mary Street
  • Venture Centre: We are reducing the number of clients visiting the Marketplace each day and will eliminate clothing and housewares from the shop. We are enforcing social distancing by having only one household member in the program at any given time.
  • Women’s Service Wellness Program: Programming is suspended until further notice
  • Volunteer Program: All interviews and new placements are temporarily suspended
  • Donations: We encourage online donations at or give to our Emergency Virtual Food Drive


A Good Shepherd response team is meeting daily to monitor local circumstances and to liaise with our internal and external health partners.

We are communicating with key stakeholders and community partners to share resources and support coordinated response efforts.

Existing pandemic and business continuity plans are being reviewed and updated at both the corporate and program/department level.

Resources to promote prevention and self-screening are being distributed to all program sites.

All volunteers and clients will be screened as they enter our programs.

Out of an abundance of caution:

We have decided to cancel GLAMOUR IN THE HAMMER on April 17. All tickets will be refunded.

The EMMANUEL HOUSE HOSPICE FUNDRAISING DINNER scheduled for April 30 has been postponed to September 3. Tickets already purchased will be valid for the new date and if you are unable to attend, your ticket will be refunded.

The VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION DINNER scheduled for May 4 has been cancelled.

Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia

The Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia is a comprehensive community-based treatment and rehabilitation program. They are dedicated to helping people with schizophrenia through case management services, rehabilitation programs and psychiatric care. Currently the program is providing medication management to clients and also supporting them through the phone.*Referral through IntAc (see below)

Hamilton Mental Health Outreach Program

A community mental health organization that provides client-directed intensive case management services for adults who have a serious and persistent mental illness. Is currently still providing medication management and support via telephone for clients.

*Referral through IntAc (see below)

IAM – Institute for Advancements in Mental Health
formally the Schizophrenia Society of Ontario.

The SSO has rebranded. For the past 40 years, we have provided services and programs to those living with and affected by schizophrenia and psychosis. This will never change. With our decision to rebrand, we only evolve and expand our ability to help those affected by mental illness, and as always, continue to be an organization that responds to our clients and communities and what they feel is right. Our new name is IAM – Institute for Advancements in Mental Health.

Built on the foundation of 40 years of providing services to Canada’s most vulnerable, we know first-hand the struggles facing those living with and supporting those with serious mental health challenges. As IAM, we envision a society that helps anyone impacted by mental health issues thrive. We call this vision redesigning society for better mental health. This means creating environments that are more inclusive, positive and accepting for people with mental illness, and within our innovation platform, partnering with others to create solutions that can improve mental wellbeing.

As IAM, we will also continue to deliver the services and programs that formed our history as SSO, with the people we help as the focus of our listening and compassion.  Our new dynamic brand of IAM is

our way of responding to the needs of those we serve as well and bringing our expertise to a new population of those impacted by mental illness.

Although we have a new name, we are still offering programs and services that we previously offered but will also be able to grow these into offerings to help more people – using innovation as a core principle to evolving services. For more on this, please visit our new website at


A Single Point of Access to Mental Health Intensive Case Management Services Provided By:

  • Canadian Mental Health Association, Hamilton Branch (CMHA)
  • City of Hamilton Mental Health/Outreach Team* (Community Mental Health Promotion Program – CMHPP)
  • Hamilton Program for Schizophrenia (HPS)
  • Hamilton Mental Health Outreach Program (HMHO)

*Street Outreach Services are available to individuals who are homeless (on the street or in an Emergency Shelter). Referrals can be from self, a physician, or other professionals.

Referrals are being processed but not forwarded to the organizations until after the pandemic,

John Howard Society

John Howard Society of Hamilton, Burlington & Area is one of 19 affiliates in Ontario and over 50 across Canada. Our agency works with at risk individuals and is committed to providing a continuum of evidence based and impact driven prevention and intervention services supporting individuals and families to develop the skills and assets necessary to make positive and long lasting life changes, enabling them to become fully contributing members of the community. Currently the John Howard Society has suspended all in person support but is connecting with clients remotely.

Mental Health Rights Coalition
905-545-2525 – Currently closed

MHRC is a consumer/survivor initiative. Its functions are reflective of the needs of the membership. Members, staff and volunteers all have lived experience with mental health and or addiction.  Provides Peer Support (in person or on telephone), Daily Activities, Computer/Internet Access, Resource Library, Peer Support Training. In addition to this the MHRC advocates for systematic change based on collective complaints at various committee meetings.

Sexual Assault Centre Hamilton Area – 24-hour support line

The 24 Hour Support Line offers confidential and anonymous 24-hour non-judgmental telephone support. This service is for adults, 16 years of age or older, who have experienced sexual violence at any point in their lives and to those supporting survivors. The 24-hour line is covered by an answering service that will connect you with a SACHA volunteer.

Youth Programs

Alternatives for Youth 

Alternatives for Youth (AY) provides substance use counselling services for children and youth ages 12 – 25 years, and those who care about them. We are continuing to provide services however, we are temporarily moving away from face-to-face appointments, shifting our service delivery model to one of offering telephone appointments and support. We are offering all intake, screening and modified assessment services by telephone and are providing counselling services to our current/active clients in the same manner. Please call 905-527-4469 for services.

Brennan House

Brennan House is a 15 bed, co-ed transitional housing program for youth 16 to 20 years of age. This long-term, personal strength-based program supports young people in transition from homelessness to independence. Residents are expected to establish their own personal goals with the aid of Youth Support Workers. Brennan House is still open but are not taking any new referrals. They are doing ongoing screening at the door and are asking for no visitors or guests at this time.

Children’s Aid Society of Hamilton

Remains open, providing coordinated child welfare services to children and families.

Providing support to families and children by telephone. Still responding to any and all child protection concerns.

Catholic Children’s Aid Society

Still open providing coordinated child welfare services to the Catholic community and beyond. Providing support to families and children by telephone. Still responding to child protection concerns.

Child and Adolescent Services
Child and Adolescent Services, City of Hamilton Public Health Services Healthy Families Division

Child and Adolescent Services provides a range of evidenced based, strengths based and culturally responsive clinical assessment and treatment services to children, youth and their families (0-18 years old). Our Quick Access Service provides a mental health walk-in service three days a week in our clinic location with direct access to a Youth Wellness Centre Transition Coach for youth aged 17 and over . The office is currently closed but clinicians continue to provide support, counselling and treatment virtually. Referrals are being accepted at this time and children, youth and families can self-refer by calling Contact Hamilton at 905-570-8888.

Contact Hamilton Children’s Services

Children’s Services is a program of Contact Hamilton that helps children, youth and their guardians find services for children and youth that: Have social, emotional, behavioural, psychiatric and/or developmental concerns. Offices are currently closed however support is being done by phone and through email. Please leave a detailed message or email

Grace Haven

Grace Haven is a resource that provides residential and community programs for pregnant adolescents/women and young, single parents (mothers & fathers) that are 21 years of age or younger. Currently still supporting in home clients and going to extensive measures for sterilization and safety for Covid-19.

Living Rock

Engage youth through open access programs; crisis support; youth food banks; work to earn and learn opportunities; parenting and pre-natal groups, referrals to other agencies. Youth must be between the ages of 13-25. As of Monday March 23, 2020, all services for youth (13 to 25) and Alumni will be “take-out” from the side door of Living Rock.  The building will not be open but we can be reached by phone.

  • Breakfast meals and supports will be Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 10:00am.
  • Evening Program meals and supports will be Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 4:00 to 5:00pm.
  • Food Bank Hampers will be Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00 to 4:00pm.
  • Weekend Program will be Saturdays from 1:00 to 4:00pm with hampers and meals.

Youth can let us know their needs, such as for clothing, baby supplies and hygiene products and we will do what we can to be a support.

Call us if you have questions and we are opening up telephone support.

We are active on Facebook, e-mail and Instagram.

We have created different hampers for youth that have housing and for those that are on the streets.

Call us if you have donations and we can pick them up at the side door.   Donations are still needed including soups, canned pasta sauce and pasta as well as granola bars and juice boxes.

Thanks for all your care and prayers, as we stand together to support each other in this season.  

Lynwood Charlton

Lynwood Charlton Centre is a publicly funded charitable organization in the City of Hamilton which provides a spectrum of innovative and evidence-based, mental health services, including residential, day treatment, treatment foster care and in-home and community based services, to children, youth, families and the community. Lynnwood is currently open, but reduced programming and do have some youth on site they are continuing to support. They are still accepting referrals; however, they will not be processed until after Covid-19.

McMaster Children’s Hospital

One of Canada’s largest pediatric teaching hospital

McMaster Mental Health Assessment Unit currently available to high risk patients. McMaster 3G unit is operating business as usual. McMaster Rapid Assessment and Risk Management Team supporting high risk patients and previous clients.

Ron Joyce Children’s Centre

The Centre is home to a range of outpatient services focused on child rehabilitation and developmental health. Currently closed but providing support, counselling and treatment virtually. Still accepting new psychiatric consultations on a case by case basis.

Notre Dame House

Notre Dame House is a 24-hour emergency shelter and multi-agency resource centre for homeless and street-involved youth 16 to 21 years of age. The six-week program uses a unique team approach that pairs each young person with a youth support worker who helps them reach their personal goals using strength based, client centered approaches. Still open but limiting intakes at this time. Screenings done at front door.

Youth Wellness Centre (SJHH)
905-522-1155 ext. 31725

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton’s Youth Wellness Centre is a safe, accessible environment for young people age 17 to 25 to receive expert care for mental health and addiction issues. We believe it is never too early to #ReachOut. The Youth Wellness Centre is located in downtown Hamilton. Staff of the Youth Wellness Centre are not seeing anyone in person they are providing all support through telephone or zoom. The drop-in program is available on Wed/Thurs 1-4 CALL-IN ONLY.

Older Adult Programs

Alzheimer’s Society of Hamilton

Supports for people with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias, and their caregivers
Seminars, workshops and training sessions * one-on-one care plan consultations with health professionals * advanced care planning for future health care needs.
All in-person programming has been cancelled. Support is being made available via telephone

Seniors Mental Health Clinic and Outreach Services (SJHH)
905-522-1155 ext. 36396

We provide high quality and responsive seniors’ mental health care. The SJHH Seniors Mental Health Outpatient and Outreach Programs are designed to serve the complex mental health concerns of seniors. Our Hamilton-based program is primarily a clinic-based program located out of the Margaret & Charles Juravinski Centre for Integrated Healthcare (West 5th Campus) and offers outreach (e.g. home visit) for persons as needed, within our Hamilton catchment area.  Currently the clinic is not doing any face to face consults all supports are being done over the phone.

Newcomer services

Hamilton Urban Core 

Hamilton Urban Core is an inner city health Centre with thousands of registered clients who routinely access the Centre’s many programs and services. Some services include therapeutic and supportive counselling, health and wellness programs, client education and support programs, personal and community development programs, as well as parenting and family support. Hamilton Urban Core has cancelled all drop-ins and non-essential appointments.

Compass Community Health Centre
905-523-6611 ext. 2000

Open to immigrants and refugees. This program is beneficial for integration into the community.

Goal of Program: To assist refugees and new immigrants. All non-essential programs have been cancelled as well as all groups.

Centre de Sante Communautaire

The Centre de Santé Communautaire Hamilton/Niagara is a Francophone Community Health Centre that is a multi-service agency providing health and social services to French-speaking clients.

The Centre is currently open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. but only providing essential services. All non-essential programming has been cancelled.

Good Shepherd Family Centre

The Family Centre offers temporary emergency accommodation and residential support to as many as 20 families who have become homeless. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Family Centre endeavors to help families identify their unique barriers to achieving safe, sustainable housing. Staff assists residents as they strive to develop effective short- and long-term strategies for re-establishing housing and re-integrating into the community. The Family Centre is currently closed for all non-essential services. If families are experiencing homelessness or are in danger of becoming homeless they can contact the centre for an assessment and support.

YWCA Hamilton

New to Hamilton? YWCA Hamilton provides programs and services for newcomers (women and girls) to Canada. Services are free. Receive assistance in understanding workplace culture, learning about employer expectations, gain access to supportive employment tools, and training/upgrading opportunities and receive assistance in finding information about other community services. The YWCA also assists with childcare, health and wellness programs, developmental services, transitional housing and has a Senior Active Living Centre.


Wesley offers daily support, every step of the way, to over 1250 children, youth, adults and seniors living in poverty in Hamilton. Our essential supports for vulnerable populations and people experiencing homelessness, including the Wesley Day Centre, have remained open throughout this crisis.

Donations of hygiene items, cleaning supplies and non-perishable food are needed! If you are able, please drop off donated items in Hamilton Food Share bins at your local grocery stores, such as Fortinos (50 Dundurn St S, Hamilton) and Metro at Fennell/Upper Gage (967 Fennell Ave E. Hamilton). Please contact if you have a large donation.

Please note, all regular volunteer opportunities have been cancelled until further notice. We are currently looking for skilled volunteers to help in the isolation centres for the homeless. Contact if you are a retired health care professional, student (ex. medicine, nursing, physician assistants), foreign trained doctor or have related professional experience.

UPDATED March 16, 2020

On Monday March 16, City Housing Hamilton closed the 3rd floor of First Place Seniors Residence. First Start Café and the Food Service Training Program will be closed until further notice. You can still email to inquire about catering.

The Shopping by Bus program is also cancelled until further notice.

UPDATED March 13, 2020

On March 12, 2020, the Government of Ontario issued an order to close all publicly funded schools in Ontario for two weeks following March break, in response to the emergence of COVID-19. This means that Ontario schools have been ordered to remain closed from Saturday, March 14 through to Sunday, April 5, 2020.

The City of Hamilton has given the direction to close all Early ON Child and Family Centres that are not in schools. Wesley will also be closing the Child Care Centre, 80 Queen St. N.

Family/Friend/Self Resources

Mission Services

  • Addictions: 905-528-0389
  • Good Food Centre: 905-528-4212 ext. 1101
  • Inasmuch 24 Hour Crisis: 905-529-8600
  • Men’s Shelter: 905-528-7635
  • Willow’s Place: 905-528-5100 ext. 1200

Care and support from loved ones is vital to recovery. Family members and friends can help loved ones every step of the way by learning about the recovery process and how they can support their loved one’s goals in a caring, informed, and compassionate way.

All non-essential programming has been suspended (including tax clinics and food demonstrations).

The 196: Our youth program is cancelled until April 5.

Willow’s Place: Willow’s Place will remain open with enhanced preventative measures.

Emergency Food: The Good Food Centre will continue as usual, with enhanced preventative measures. Please note that effective March 20, 2020, the East Hamilton Food Centre will be closed until further notice. Read our statement here.

If you are in need of immediate food access and are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, or have come in contact with someone with symptoms, please do not visit the Good Food Centre. Instead, please ask a friend or family member to do so for you. Please provide a letter of permission and your I.D.

Men’s Shelter and Inasmuch House: Based on recommendations from physicians at the Shelter Health Network, external access to our Men’s Shelter and Inasmuch House is restricted with the exception of essential individuals (such as physicians). Social distancing practices are in place for meal times and sleeping arrangements.

People seeking assistance will not be turned away.