eConsult/eVisits Through the OTNHub

eConsults allows physicians or nurse practitioners timely access to specialist advice for all patients, and often eliminates the need for an in-person referral. For a reminder check this quick reference card. For more detail about eConsults you can read an overview here.

eConsults are included in your OHIP billing; using code K738 an eConsult is reimbursed at $16.

eVisits, which is available to physicians, nurse practitioners and allied health professionals, enables virtual patient visits directly from your computer using OTN’s videoconferencing services. Here is a quick “How-to” reminder of the process.


If you’re not sure how to access, or would like a refresher, please contact the HITS eHealth Office, the HNHB Regional Lead for the eConsult Centre of Excellence. If you’re brand new to OTNHub, please complete the registration form, and submit it to the HITS eHealth Office. They’ll be in touch with you regarding next steps.

Specialists Available

Availability of specialists is a common question that arises. Beyond the growing number of specialists provincially through the direct-to-specialist model, there is also a provincial BASETM Managed Specialty Group, and an HNHB Regional BASETM Managed Specialty Group. Please ensure you set your regional preferences within the eConsult Settings section of to see the full list available to you.

Also, if there are preferred specialist(s) you engage with frequently, please let us know, or have them contact us, and we can arrange to introduce them to eConsult and the benefits available to both of you. For more information, go to