Palliative Care Specialist

Examples of when to phone: pain and symptom management is beyond your level of comfort or patient is in an acute symptom crisis; traditional medications become unavailable and an alternative is required; system navigation or other pain and symptom questions; suspected or confirmed COVID death; palliative sedation is being considered .

Please note that all regular palliative care services are running as usual in the hospital and community.

24/7 palliative care specialist phone support (905) 387-9495 for any physician in the community:

  • Daytime (9:00-16:30) ask for the Supportive Care Service
  • Evenings and weekends ask for Community Palliative Care on Call (CPOC)

Information about the Hamilton Palliative Care Outreach Team (PCOT)

Hamilton Palliative Care Outreach Team Referral form

Further resources are available under Palliative Care.

Consultation Requests, Non-Urgent

For non-urgent consultations, connect with LTC-CARES Program Nurse at either HHS or SJHH, dependent on day of the week coverage model, to access the following sub-specialties and possibly others:  General Internal Medicine Rapid Access Clinic (IMRAC/GIMRAC), Ortho, Geriatrics, Heart Function Clinic, and Firestone Respirology Clinic.              

  • HHS: Mon, Wed, Fri, Sun. 
  • SJHH: Tues, Thurs, Sat.
  • HHS LTC-CARES Program Nurse (M-F 8-4pm):  Mobile: 905-870-6732
  • SJHH LTC-CARES Program Nurse (M-F 8-4pm): 905-522-1155 ext. 35063 
    Mobile: 905-870-3071