On-Line Appointment Booking

Register now to receive $600/provider to off-set license costs in the first 12 months and receive on-site support from tool selection to implementation and go-live.

Make an informed decision about which tool is best for your practice by reviewing this comparison chart and viewing the vendor information sessions below:


The OCEAN eReferral Network allows you to securely send electronic referrals in real-time directly from your EMR while keeping patients informed. The list of who accepts electronic referrals is constantly growing towards the vision of “axing the fax” and having all referrals coordinated through this shared electronic platform.

To get set-up and trained on the OCEAN eReferral Platform, contact the Ontario eServices Program or eReferral@ehealthce.ca


The Ontario eConsult program gives you timely access to specialist advice for all patients, often eliminating the need for a patient referral.

For any questions, please contact the Ontario eConsult Centre of Excellence at: eConsultCOE@TOH.ca.

To sign up for eConsult, visit https://otnhub.ca/.


The GHHN Primary Care Digital Health Caucus invites you, or a representative of your practice, to sign up for Saegis Shield, a comprehensive, accredited, online cybersecurity and privacy education program that addresses the unique needs of Canadian health-care teams. The importance of strong cybersecurity practices cannot be overstated, given 85% of Canadian companies have experienced a cyber attack.

This training:

  • is FREE;
  • ensures that your office has the knowledge of cybersecurity risks and safe habits, password security, clinical cyber hygiene, and phishing awareness;
  • offers Privacy Officer Fundamental Training; and
  • is completed independently at the leisure of the individual user online using the Saegis Shield platform on an internet browser (Approximately 75 minutes to complete training, 5 modules x 15 minutes each).

If you are interested in registering, please contact ceara.holditch@ghhn.ca.

Clinical Connect

ClinicalConnect is a secure, web-based portal that gives you real-time access to an integrated view of a patient’s electronic medical information aggregated from all acute care hospitals, Home & Community Care Services and Regional Cancer Programs in South West Ontario, plus various provincial data repositories. Work is currently being done to explore how to include data from primary care EMRs in the integrated view.

Learn more about ClinicalConnect here with additional information about the portal’s features and benefits.

For more information contact the ClinicalConnect Program Office by email: info@clinicalconnect.ca or phone: 905-577-8270 ext. 1

Health Report Manager (HRM)

HRM is an eHealth solution that enables you to securely receive patient reports electronically from participating hospitals and specialty clinics directly into your OntarioMD-certified EMR.

HRM electronically delivers text-based Medical Record reports, (e.g. Discharge Summary), and transcribed Diagnostic Imaging (excluding image) reports from sending facilities directly into patients’ chart within your EMR.

For more information, or to enable HRM with your OntarioMD-certified EMR, contact OntarioMD at report.manager@ontariomd.com.

Ontario Laboratories Information System (OLIS)

OLIS gives you access to lab test orders and results from hospitals, community labs and public health labs. You can access the latest lab results for your patients in OLIS or perform patient queries directly from your OntarioMD-certified EMR.

To connect OLIS to your EMR, contact your OntarioMD Practice Advisor or e-mail support@ontariomd.com.

Insights4Care (I4C) Dashboard

OntarioMD’s (OMD) Insights4Care (i4C) Dashboard offers an EMR-integrated practice solution that gives you the ability to easily view and interpret your OntarioMD-certified EMR data in real-time for better population health management, and to drill down to patient-level data to act on it at the point of care. I4C Dashboard:

  • gives you real-time visual representation of your EMR data using widely recognized primary care indicators, each representing different preventive care and chronic disease management focus points (diabetes test results, smoking status, etc.);
  • enables you to drill down to patient-level data for each indicator and take immediate proactive steps to improve patient care;
  • helps you standardize data entry to improve the quality of patient data in your EMR; and
  • allows you to trend your indicators over time.

To find out how to start using i4C Dashboard in your practice, contact support@ontariomd.com.

GHHN Digital Health Secretariat

The Greater Hamilton Health Network’s Digital Health Secretariat (DHS) is a committee made up of individuals from GHHN member organizations, contracted service providers, and patient advisors. The DHS was established to support:

  • alignment and promotion of GHHN digital health initiatives,
  • communication of digital health barriers and anticipated outcomes for patients, families, caregivers, providers, and systems at local, regional, and provincial levels, and
  • development of and adherence to the work plan to achieve our OHT’s digital health goals.

GHHN Primary Care Digital Health Caucus

A sub-group of the Digital Health Secretariat committed to creating a common, informed, accessible and influential primary care voice to advise the digital health secretariat in decisions, as well as guide change management and adoption initiatives. Please feel free to reach out to Tracey Carr (tcarr@mcmaster.ca) with ideas, questions or concerns, or if you would like to join the Caucus.


  • Paul Cano (Physician, Niagara Northwest)
  • Tracey Carr (Executive Director, McMaster Dept. Family Medicine)
  • Urslin Fevrier-Thomas (Quality Improvement Team)
  • Christine Glenney (Physician, Hamilton FHT)
  • Kati Ivanyi (Physician, McMaster FHT)
  • Barbara Klassen (Executive Director, Haldimand FHT)
  • Rachel Kott (Quality Improvement Team)
  • Anne Loshuk (Clinical Lead, Haldimand FHT)
  • Tammy Packer (Primary Care Co-Lead, Digital Health Secretariat)
  • Ram Shankar (CIO, COMPASS Community Health)
  • Laurel Turnbull (Director of Operations, Hamilton FHT)