1. Virtual Appointment (phone or video)

Do they just need a COVID swab and have non concerning viral symptoms? No need to be assessed in person office – get caregiver to perform rapid test if they have access to one and assume and act as though COVID until swab obtained i.e., 10 days of isolation. Virtual follow-up as clinically indicated.

Concerning acute symptoms needing in-person exam, but low suspicion due to COVID – in person assessment with full PPE

Concerning acute symptoms needing in person exam, but high suspicion due to COVID – in person assessment with full PPE – given illness trajectory consider whether emergent transport to ED required for in person assessment.

2. Assessing patient who booked for in-person and clearly needs COVID swab

Perform in-office swab. See “Testing in your clinic” for how to order supplies and collect and transport swabs.

Red flags for in person assessments of infants and children

  • Diarrhea and vomiting + has no tears, dry mouth, or is not peeing.
  • Baby under three months of age has a fever over 38oC or 100.4oF.
  • Difficulty breathing.
  • Non blanching rash
  • Fever and/or is difficult to rouse/very sleepy
  • Significant fall/injury
  • Assessment of infants/newborns for acute or routine care

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