High Risk Average Risk Low Risk
Patients with any of the safety net flags Otherwise healthy adults
Patients with symptom deterioration Pregnant women No comorbidities
Any age with medical comorbidities No safety net flags
Age > 60 40-60 years old with no medical comorbidities Age 1-39 years old with no medical comorbidities
Daily for 14 days
Every 2 days x 7 days; then recommend self-monitor for additional 7 days depending on progress
Consider self-monitoring only; check-ins determined by individual patient. (Consider at 7 days)

*In patients who required hospitalization, the median time from symptom onset to dyspnea was 5 days.
In patient who developed ARDS the median time to onset was 3 days after development of dyspnea (around 8 days after symptom onset). 

Safety Net Flags

  • Socially isolated (Lives alone, unable to connect with others through technology, little to no social network)
  • Lack of caregiver support if needed
  • Inability to maintain hydration (Diarrhea, vomiting, cognitive impairment, poor fluid intake)
  • Food/financial insecurity
  • Receive homecare support
  • Challenges with health literacy or ability to understand treatment recommendations or isolation expectations
  • Unable to self-manage