Back to School with McMaster Children’s Hospital
McMaster Children’s Hospital has prepared a series of videos with practical information for families during the return to school (September 2021).

Please see COVID-19 Guidance School Case Contact and Outbreak Management (August 2021)

COVID and School-based Illness

  1. If a child becomes “ill” at school, they will be advised to seek medical advice including a recommendation for testing as appropriate OR as advised by a medical provider.

  1. If symptomatic and tested for COVID they must isolate until results are available.
    1. If negative, they may return to school 24 hours after resolution of symptoms.
    2. If positive, they must isolate for 14 days minimum.

  1. If a child is exposed to a COVID positive individual at school they will be identified by the school and Public Health as high or low risk.
    1. If high risk, Public Health will advise isolation and Public Health will advise regarding testing.
    2. If low risk, they may continue to attend school if well.

  1. If a child has a family member who is COVID positive the child must isolate for 14 days.

Summarized by Tammy Packer from Govenment Documents below

Notes for return to school – this is taken directly from MOH return to school guidance: “Barriers to return to school, such as requirement of medical notes or proof of negative tests, should be avoided.”

Work Accommodations

Government Documents

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